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    There is nothing satisfying than an efficient machine working machine, we have seen people fuming waiting in queues in offices and the machine are slow. Computer repair Seattle WA comes with solutions to make sure you not only enjoy your work but at the same time you deliver.

    There are so many factors that may cause damage to your computer, some natural and other caused by human negligence. Before we even get to mention these factors, it's good to point out that the computer is made up by so many components. The computer cannot work without a single of these components; Mother board , Case, , Power supply, Central processing unit, Random Access Memory, Drivers, Cooling Devices, Cables, Graphic Components, ports and Expansion slots.

    Computer repair Washington outlines one of the major things to have and what to look out for and considers to make sure that your computer is well protected and safe from damage; it's always to have a Uninterrupted Power Supply also known as UPS this ensure that you are able to save your work and safely turn off your computer. Also a surge suppressor that works to shunt excess voltage saves your PC.

    Your computer should have a good working and up to date Anti-virus, this helps inn making sure that your computer if free of viruses and malware, always ensure that you virus scan any external disks before opening them.

    Make sure that you have a password to computer this helps in avoiding unauthorized access to your computer. Unauthorized access may cause data loss, renamed files, and Copied files giving access to personal information.

    Cover your computer to prevent them from dust, if this dust gets to your internal parts of the computer it could lead to fan failure; the fan works to ensure your computer cools and its failure could lead to your computer rebooting unnecessarily.

    Always install the necessary programs, this helps to avoid overloading your computer which could make it slow. It's also advisable to clean your registry regularly.

    Though we have discussed problems that can be resolved there are other that are more hazardous and cannot be avoided as they not caused by human error or negligence but by nature these are things like, fire outbreak, flooding etc with these it's always to have data backed up in an external disk where you can always retrieve essential data.

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